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The Big Go!—Four of a Kind Street Car Showdown

Photos by Evan Smith

Of the 996 cars that entered the Chevrolet Performance NHRA US Nationals in 2019 there were four cars that didn’t quite fit in. A quartet of the quickest and fastest street cars from Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week put on a display for the nearly 100,000 fans that descended upon Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis. Mother nature limited the group to just a single run, hardly enough time to break the current street car record of 5.85 or give the fans a fast-paced show. But the teams had fun and prepared for the upcoming weeklong torture test known as Hot Rod Drag Week.

Tom Bailey Sick 2.0 1969 Camaro Drag Week
Three-time Drag Week Unlimited winner Tom Baily rolled his Sick Seconds 2.0 out of the trailer, complete with an all-billet engine that is based on the popular 481X architecture. The 526ci big-block was designed and built by Steve Morris Engines. A couple of Precision 88mm turbochargers hang off the custom headers and help the engine produce over 3,500hp. Skinny Kid Race Cars is responsible for the chassis, which looks like a Pro Mod but it was built specifically for Drag Week competition with unique street features. Bailey shook the tires and aborted his only run at Indy but Sick 2.0 has run a best of 6.01 at 235 mph.


David Schroeder 1966 Corvette Nitrous-powered Unlimited Drag Week entry
Canadian Dave Schroeder puts a 1966 Chevy Corvette on track using a nitrous-enhanced 872ci big-block by famed engine builder Reher-Morrison. The team won Drag Week Unlimited in 2017, the first nitrous car to secure the overall title at the time. In Indy, he didn’t disappoint the hardcore fans by setting low ET for the street car group. The team managed an off-the-trailer run of 6.57 at 210 mph, nearly matching a best time for the Holley EFI-equipped street machine.


Bryan Goldstone 1973 AMC Javelin Drag Week Ulimtate Iron Winner
Bryan Goldstone hauled his all-steel Ultimate Iron class-legal 1973 AMC Javelin to Indy, packing a twin turbo, Ultra Tech Racing 572ci big-block Chevy for a powerplant. Goldstone has dominated the Ultimate Iron category with consistent 6-second runs and three class wins, finishing as the Overall Drag Week Runner-up in 2016. His one and only hit at Indy resulted in a stumble that triggering the tree before it activated, eliminating any chance for a time slip. The big, all-steel Javelin has run in the 6.60s, which is a staggering feat considering it weighs over 3,300 pounds!


Joe Barry 1956 Chevy 210 Ultimate Iron Drag Week
One of the most iconic modern Pro Street cars is Joe Barry’s 1956 Chevy 210, which is nicknamed Creamsicle for its two-tone orange and white paint job. The all-steel car only features a lightweight hood and trunk-lid, the rest is all steel from Chevy including the glass windows and stainless steel chrome trim! Under the hood is a new 598ci powerplant with a couple of Precision 88mm turbochargers providing the boost. Barry first ran the car in the Nitrous Pro Street class in NMCA and Street Car Super Nationals through the opening years of the 2000s. In 2010, he made the switch to Hot Rod Drag Week and other street car shootouts with a turbo powerplant. The car has gone 6s at over 210 mph and he posted a 7.43 at 170 mph at the US Nationals.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.