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The Story Behind 5,295HP with Moran Racing Engines and Garrett Turbochargers | Presented by Nitto Tire


By Ainsley Jacobs

Photos Courtesy of Moran Racing Engines

About five years ago, world-renowned engine builder Mike Moran of Moran Racing Engines (MRE) put together an incredible 670 ci billet HEMI for Australian customer Rob Campisi’s twin turbo Ford Mustang Pro Mod. Now, Moran and Campisi have set the Internet on fire with the jaw-droppingly awesome results from a new set of Garrett turbochargers.

“It was the first-ever 100% billet engine back then,” said Moran proudly of the incredible work of art he developed and assembled in-house thanks to decades of painstaking research and innovation. “None of it was off-the-shelf stuff, we designed it all from scratch. I took the best parts of all three brands, added a little bit of me, and put ‘em all into this engine.”

The MRE-built HEMI, which was comprised of Alan Johnson heads, a Weston Machine block, complete Jesel valve train, Diamond pistons, and tons of other drool-worthy billet bling, absolutely exceeded expectations and catapulted Moran’s work into the stratosphere.

Upon its completion, the 670 ci billet bullet was installed in Campisi’s Mustang and quickly put to work. After countless hard runs and tons of high-horsepower abuse, eventually, the engine needed refreshing. “That was about two years ago. With the old turbos, it just ran out of boost and I really didn’t want to run it again until we had the right size turbo on it,” noted Moran, who explained the previous GEN II 98mm twin turbo configuration just couldn’t push enough air to keep the engine happy. “It made 4,007 horse but was outflowing the turbos. It made less horsepower than my normal 520 ci HEMI engines because it just eats so much air.”

Moran spruced up the HEMI, but as there weren’t any turbos available to meet its needs at the time, the completed engine was left to sit dormant at MRE in Taylor, Michigan. “I had been lobbying Garrett for the past few years to produce something that would move at least 300 pounds of air per minute for the larger cubic inch motors,” explained the MRE mastermind.

The wait was most definitely worth it, as the turbo Gods at Garrett finally answered Moran’s prayers.

This week, Campisi and his entourage were visiting MRE. They were due to depart America and head back home when a phone call from Garrett changed the game. “Their brand-new, prototype GEN II GTX5544R turbos were finally ready so they overnighted a set to us and – boom – it was instant perfection!” exclaimed Moran of the Garrett 106mm turbochargers’ performance.

Moran and the guys couldn’t resist a chance to test out the new snails, so they slapped ‘em on to the billet HEMI and let it sing on the engine dyno. “They are exactly what this engine needed,” noted Moran, who was shocked at the instant, massive power upgrade the engine received as a result.

The first (and only) pull on the engine with the brand new 106mm twin Garrett turbos produced a whopping 5,295 horsepower and 3,800 foot-pounds of torque at 7,500 rpm at 70 pounds of boost – and there’s plenty more left in it. With another 1,500 rpms left to play with, Moran has no doubts the combination is capable of 6,000 horsepower. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and commitments to other customers, he won’t have a chance to prove it until September or October.

After having stunned the drag racing community with his incredible dyno video, Moran still has a few small adjustments to make to the HEMI before shipping it back to Campisi in Australia. Once it arrives Down Under later this year, it’ll be re-installed into Campisi’s Pro Mod, which is an identical clone of Moran’s own Pro Mod Mustang, except for the minor difference of the steering wheel being on the other side of the car, and the guys will get to work harnessing all their newfound horsepower.

Ainsley Jacobs
Ainsley Jacobs
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