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Turbo Coyote Swap Everything—Larry Barringer’s Piston-Powered RX-7


Hailing from the great state of Texas, Larry Barringer has proved himself to be a capable car builder and tuner, and a fan of Fox-body Mustangs. His most recent project, though, has deviated slightly from his normal go-to choice.

Barringer’s last few rides were based on the very desirable Fox-body coupe or notchback Mustangs and featured turbocharged Coyote 5.0 engines for power. They proved very capable on track, and as the NMRA hasn’t quite made it down to his neck of the woods, he usually would pack up and haul his machine up to the Nitto Tire NMRA World Finals to draw lots of attention while competing in QA1 True Street competition.

With a Coyote 5.0-liter engine built by TKM and a pair of sizable turbochargers, the RX-7 clicked off an 8.11 at 172 during a test pass. Unfortunately, the little compact car, which weighs around 2700 lbs, has had a wheelie problem that affected nearly all of Barringer’s True Street passes. Even with hanging the hoops high and pedaling it on just about every pass, Barringer still managed to click off a 9.83, a 9.84, and a 10.11 for a three-run average of 9.93 seconds, and finished 8th overall in the competition.

But Barringer is seemingly more of a builder than he is racer, and rumor has it this project has been sold as well. What will he show up with at the NMRA Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky next? We’re anxiously waiting to find out.