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Ultimate Converter Concepts Announces Sale Of Business To Montgomery Ragland

Ultimate Converter Concepts, a boutique, customer-focused manufacturer of high quality auto racing torque converters, recently announced the signing of an agreement to sell its business to entrepreneur and fellow auto racer Montgomery Ragland for an undisclosed sum.

“Dawn and I have come to the realization that it is time to think about our golden years, as we are not getting any younger. That said, we are overjoyed and extremely excited to announce that Montgomery Ragland is coming on board to eventually take over the helm of our beloved UCC,” said Ultimate converter Concepts founder and CEO, Lenny Croteau.

Ragland, a 36-year-old from Georgetown, South Carolina, has been a part of the Ultimate Converter Concepts family for many years; his dearly departed father, Lee, and mother Mary Ruth are dear friends of Lenny and Dawn Croteau.

“I would sit with Lee at the track and watch Montgomery tune and work on the race car, and on more than one occasion I told Lee that if I had a son to take over UCC, it would be our dream to have someone like Montgomery follow in our footsteps and take over for me. He is that special,” said Croteau.

Lenny will work alongside and mentor Montgomery to teach him the intimate knowledge that has turned Ultimate Converter Concepts into one of the most successful racing torque converter manufacturers in the world, until they are 100-percent confident that the company will operate as it has for the last 15 years, by producing race-winning products and providing unmatched personal service.

Ultimate Converter Concepts owes its success to putting the customer first and foremost, by delivering performance to customers through intimate knowledge accumulated over dozens of years and experience with thousands of different vehicle and transmission combinations.

Additional contact details will be released as the move to the new location commences. Currently the move is planned for the final week of November, 2019, with business operations resuming in December after the PRI Show in Indianapolis.

The new shop address will be:

Ultimate Converter Concepts, LLC

234 Pineland Drive

Andrews, SC 29510

For more information, please contact Ultimate Converter Concepts at (704) 892-6837.