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Updating Wheels and Rotors on Mustang 2013 GT With Powerstop, Forgeline, and Nitto



Written By Steve Baur

Photography by Steve Wolcott

If the exhaust isn’t the first thing you change on your new ride, then certainly it’s the wheels. If there is one modification you can make to set your car apart from the rest, it’s a wheel upgrade and this month, we take a look at a quick little pair of bolt-on mods we recently made to a 2013 Mustang GT.

Boasting one of the strongest performance aftermarkets anywhere, the late-model Mustang platform as you might expect also offers hundreds if not thousands of different wheels to choose from. Purchased from the used car market, this 2013 GT was already equipped with aftermarket Nitto Invo tires wrapped on it’s factory 19-inch wheels, and as great as they look, we went bigger and better.

Moving to an all-black theme with the car, the owner chose Forgestar F14 wheels in a 20-inch diameter and a matte black finish. To harness the power of the Edelbrock supercharger under the hood and give it more prowess around the Auto X course, we mounted up Nitto Tire’s NT555 G2 tires on the new hoops. The NT555 G2 is an ultra-high-performance summer tire that has been engineered to provide increased traction, handling, and even wet-braking.

Upon bolting up the new wheel and tire combination, it was immediately apparent that the factory disc brakes were showing their age. Granted this Mustang was equipped with the upgraded Brembo brake package on the assembly line, the rotors were aged and the hug area was rusty.

With the new open view that the 20-inch wheels offered, we couldn’t leave the stock brakes as is, so we turned to Powerstop and ordered up replacement one of the company’s replacement rotor and brake pad packages. The zinc coating would keep the rotors looking nice for a long time and the Z26 extreme brake performance pads would give a little more bit when we hit the whoa pedal, which comes in handy on track as well as in the stop-and-go daily commute.

The longest part of this upgrade is going to the tire shop to have the tires mounted and balanced. Then it’s just a few handfuls of bolts and you’re on your way to having a better looking and better performing car.

We couldn’t bear to look at the crusty rotors any more, so we ordered up a set of Powerstop drilled and slotted replacements, along with the company’s Z26 brake pad package that features a ceramic and carbon fiber hybrid compound that resists fade up to 1,500 degrees and will keep the dust on your nice wheels to a minimum.



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