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Video Inside—How to Adjust AFCO Shocks


AFCO Racing’s Eric Saffell goes through the proper procedure on setting up a brand-new set of shocks, reminding enthusiasts that the shocks do not come setup from the factory. It is a common mistake when getting adjustable shocks and struts to think both sides are at the same setting, always double-check each one to ensure they are set the same from side-to-side and to your starting point. Saffell recommends turning the adjuster knob clockwise until you hit the stop and work from there on the settings.

Race Pages Digital checked out a set of AFCO Big Gun shocks a couple of years ago <HERE> and we see several NMRA and NMCA racers use them to win national events and set records. The Big Gun shocks were developed specifically for drag racing, offering the proper valving and 24 clicks on the compression side and 32 clicks on the rebound/extension. The shock bodies are threaded for use with a coil-over spring on the shock body or if a racer opts to use a remote mounted spring, that is cool too. Other features of the Big Gun shocks are the large piston for superior launch and down track stability, gas-filled bodies for quicker reaction and elimination of cavitation. Additionally, Big Gun shocks are offered with an optional canisters. The shocks were originally designed for drag radial applications but AFCO is seeing it used in big tire applications like Top Dragster and Top Sportsman.

For more information about the Big Gun shocks and other AFCO products, cruise over to their website at

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
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