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Volpe ready to vanquish the competition in Limited Drag Radial with legendary ride


Lynfield, Massachussetts’ Peter Volpe has his sights set on the Limited Drag Radial class and he’s bringing one of the most capable weapons with him to battle, that being the Racecraft-built 1993 Mustang formerly owned and campaigned by Josh Klugger and Fiscus/Klugger Racing.

Volpe previously raced another Fox-Body notchback Mustang with a supercharged Mod-Motor powerplant in X275 around his local track, New England Dragway.

While considering what the car needed to be competitive, he also thought about possibly buying something that was already proven, and didn’t need months of modifications to make it a race winner. In early 2018, Volpe had a conversation with Klugger regarding the coupe and by the middle of 2018, he had sealed the deal and brought the Mustang home.

The vibrant blue Mustang had taken Klugger to the 2017 NMCA Radial Wars championship, and was the first radial car to run the quarter-mile in the 5s, and the first car to run a 3-second eighth-mile pass in Pro 275 competition. Volpe purchased the machine with an eye towards running in the Pro 275 category.

“We raced Pro 275 at No Mercy 9 and had a good time with it,” Volpe told us. “Then the rules started changing, and they let Pro Mods in. I thought we needed to start thinking outside the box about what to do next.”

After sitting on it for a little bit, Volpe decided to enter the Limited Drag Radial ranks. Unfortunately, with the decision made in the middle of 2020, Covid restrictions delayed progress, but eventually Volpe was able to move forward.

“We figured we had a real good shot at being top of the pack in the class,” Volpe noted. To meet the class requirements, the Mustang has gained a significant amount of weight (over 300 lbs.), but the team of people and parts that have made it successful over the years are likely up to the challenge.

Volpe opted to stick with what has made the car work so well over the years, starting with Pro Line Racing’s Jamie Miller as the tuner and Johnny Maguda as the car chief. Likewise, he opted to keep Pro Line Racing in the power production department, but recently upgraded the engine to the company’s latest Stage IV 481-X combination.

Class rules spec’d out the Garrett 88mm turbochargers, while Miller pushed for the latest FuelTech FT600 EFI with all of it’s technological advances, FuelTech’s new fuel injectors, as well as the company’s coil-on-plug ignition, which replaced the magneto that previously lit the fire.

John Homier, who originally wired the Mustang up during its initial construction, was tasked with a fresh re-wire of the car to accommodate the FT600 as well as other items.

“It was a cool situation when I called him; he was pretty pumped, as he had done the car in his garage when the car first came out,” Volpe explained.

Volpe’s new ride recently spent some time on the FuelTech hub dyno and we caught up with Maguda and Amber Milton at Spike’s Performance & Refinishing in Ocala, Florida, where they have been prepping the car for its appearance at Lights Out 12 at South Georgia Motorsports Park this weekend.

Unfortunately, Volpe is tied up with work, so his racing partner, Tim Dutton, is handling the driving duties with Paul Thompson and Shane Wilson helping out on crew duties. After this weekend, Volpe plans to get behind the wheel and put in a good amount of testing at Virginia Motorsports Park.

“We’ve made a lot of changes since we’ve had it. We’re very excited to have the opportunity to excel in it.”

Most competitive racers have help, whether it is from sponsors, family, or a combination of both. Volpe gives credit to Pro Line Racing, FuelTech, Homier Fabrication, RK Racecraft, Garrett Advancing Motion, Spikes Performance & Refinishing, Hogan’s Racing Manifolds, ProTorque, and Menscer Motorsports for their support.

On a more personal front, the driving force behind Volpe’s desire to compete is his father, Peter Volpe Sr.

“My father, Peter Volpe Sr., has been always with me from the get-go with any racing. He used to take my brothers and I to New England Dragway when we were kids. He was always into cars, always wrenching on something,” Volpe said. “He’s there every time I go down the track; he’s a real data log guy. I’m not sure where I’d be without him.”