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Wilson Manifolds 123mm Hi-Boost Throttle Body Hits the Market


Wilson Manifolds has introduced the 123mm “HB” to its Hi-Boost throttle body line up.

Specifically developed for severe duty and high boost applications, the new design provides industry-leading performance and durability. Wilson Manifolds starts with a massive 5/8” (.625”) stainless steel shaft with unmatched sealing strength, Precision fit TPS engagement that is compatible with either Ford or Motec TPS sensor, accompanied by a more versatile two-way adjustable linkage system.

Also, a unique tapered blade designed to enhance air-flow and strength, has been introduced. The same 5” V-Band inlet and outlet makes the 123mm HB a direct replacement to the company’s original 123mm throttle body.

For more information, visit or call 954-771 -6216.

(Content courtesy of Wilson Manifolds)

Mary Lendzion
Mary Lendzion
Formerly a writer at the Detroit Free Press, Mary Lendzion has written for NMCA and NMRA for more than ten years. She's also the director of media and public relations for Summit Motorsports Park, and spends as much time as possible racing her Mustang.