Where It All Started—Livernois Motorsports

With deep roots in the automotive industry, Livernois Motorsports came into existence when founder Dan Millen followed a different path than his family’s prior two generations. Now, Millen’s company specializes in late-model Ford, GM, and Chrysler performance parts, service, and

Power Players—Chevrolet Performance delivers more muscular LS7 performance in LS427/570 crate engine

These engines are often direct derivatives of factory powerplant options that make more power when freed from the confines of factory emissions and NVH parameters. In the case of a fresh crate engine from the purveyors of the genre at

Tech Review—Pro Line Racing’s raised-cam Hemi sets the standard in big-dog racing classes

Written by Jason Reiss Photography courtesy of Pro Line Racing/Alan Johnson Performance Engineering In the world of high-stakes, no-holds-barred drag racing, one of the most successful over the last 15 years is Pro Line Racing in Ball Ground, Georgia. The company found

Shop Tour—Vengeance Racing Builds the Baddest GMs in the Nation

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photos by Ainsley Jacobs Vengeance Racing (VR) has long been associated with building some of the quickest and fastest GM-based street cars, and we recently had the opportunity to take a tour of the shop, which offers late-model

System 1 Debuts New 10-Micron Fuel Filter

System 1 has added a compact, high-flow 10-micron fuel filter to its arsenal of premium quality fuel and oil filtration products. Engineered for use with high-output competition fuel systems, it's capable of maintaining a 40 GPM flow rate and suited

NMRA/NMCA Racers Run at DXP Sweet 16, DiDonato Runners Up in X275

Photos by Ainsley Jacobs Donald “Duck” Long’s races are notorious for featuring some of the toughest radial competition on the planet, with the quickest and fastest small tire cars battling it out for the ultimate in bragging rights and massive cash

Kyle Salminen is Forging His Own Path in NMCA ARP Nitrous Pro Street

Interview by Mary Lendzion Photos by Lendzion and Fastest Street Car Staff Kyle Salminen was six years old when he started going to the track with his family to watch his father, Matt Salminen, race. He enjoyed everything about it, from the sound

Just Dew It!—Chad Scholten took his green FarmStang from rags to races in NMRA ARP Open Comp

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi If there’s one thing that Chad Scholten loves more than racing, it’s family. For him, there’s nothing better than enjoying a week at the track with the people he loves. And, if he can

Godzilla Rising—Your next Blue Oval racer might be powered by a 7.3-liter engine—and the man who championed it is leading the charge

By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of Brian Wolfe It is quite common for aftermarket companies to jump on a new engine platform to cement their status as the experts in that platform. Such development can yield dividends for years to come. It

Strange Engineering Announces New and Improved Drag Floater Kits

Strange Engineering has built its reputation by developing reliable and innovative driveline components. With the evolution of power in the Pro Mod and Alcohol car ranks, Strange Engineering has responded with the introduction of its new and improved full floater

Aptitude for Achievement—Marvin Knack has a flair for winning season after season in NMRA competition

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Ever since day one, Marvin Knack knew that his life would involve racing. Now, the three-time, back-to-back-to-back NMRA Roush Performance Super Stang champion looks forward to continuing his journey with new plans, new adventures,

Ego Crusher—A 4,000-plus-horsepower 481-X powers HPP Racing’s shop car

  Deploying a new race car often means developing a new powerplant. That is partially true when HPP Racing put together its Classic Chevrolet-sponsored 1972 Split Bumper Camaro. To provide huge horsepower for hot shoe Eric Bain to blast down the

Design Engineering, Inc. Introduces New Stand-Off Kits for Thermal Protection

Racers and hot rod owners can place thermal protection where they need it most with Design Engineering, Inc.'s new Stand-Off Kits. Designed as a safe, convenient solution for installing heat barriers, custom thermal shields and more, each Stand-Off is made from

Pedal to the Metal—FFP Customs’ new lightweight, customizable pedal assembly

Written By Steve Baur Photography by the Author Necessity is the mother of all invention, and FFP Customs’ Ryan Frazier realized he needed to build a product aid in the fitment of drivers who were purchasing his roll cages. “When I got started

Attitude Street Cars Takes Aim at NMRA JDM Engineering Limited Street for 2021 with ’02 Saleen

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography courtesy of Keplinger Designs In between working on customer projects like a Coyote-swapped ’70 Mustang Mach I and a Whipple-supercharged GT350 that’s pushing well over four-digit horsepower, the team at Attitude Street Cars in Marietta, Georgia, has