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Gaby Lujan Shines Bright Sweeping Tremec All Female True Street and Suncoast 8.60 Street Race

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Gaby Lujan Shines Bright Sweeping Tremec All Female True Street and Suncoast 8.60 Street Race
By Evan J. Smith
Photography by the author, Rudy Rouweyha and Sebastian Lujan
To suggest that the Tremec All-Female True Street class was a success in 2023 would be a huge understatement. The AFTS, contested at select events in the Holley NMRA Drag Racing Series, not only showed steady growth throughout the year, but the quality of the competition improved dramatically as the season progressed. 
While New Jersey’s Mike Jovanis dominated the Circle D Specialties True Street class, he’s got competition in the All-Female class as Gaby Lujan, Miami, Fla., similarly dominated the Tremec All Female True Street, which was recently contested in Bowling Green at the Whipple Superchargers NMRA World Finals.
Lujan scored the Hat Trick, winning all three All Female True Street events held in 2023, and she improved her average at each of them. In Orlando, Lujan recorded a 9.679 to win the class, then she averaged 9.282 to score another win in Norwalk against a tough field of 34 drivers.
In Kentucky, Lujan debuted her new ’93 Mustang and drove it to an impressive 8.838-second average to secure top honors in the AFTS. For good measure, the young 22-year-old Gaby Lujan drove cleanly through five rounds of competition to also win in the Suncoast Performance 8.60 Street Race category.

“It was good, like a dream weekend,” said Lujan, who is a student working towards her second Master’s degree (Criminal Justice and an MBA) at Florida International University. Her goal, aside from winning races is to become an FBI agent. “I didn’t think I was going to win in Bowling Green, the car wasn’t going as fast as we though it could, but I got lucky when Leticia [Hughes] had an issue on the last run. I thought she was going to win, her car is fast,” said Lujan. Hughes had run 8.63 and 8.70, but was unable to make the required third run.
“It was a crazy weekend, I didn’t think I was going to get past first round in 8.60 because the drivers cut good lights and are very consistent. I’m used to True Street where reaction time doesn’t matter,” she added. “In round 1 we went 8.64 to win, and now I had to worry about the lights. I had a bye in round 2, then ran 8.64 to win in round 3.” Lujan beat Gavin Black (8.630 to 8.803) in the semis to set up the final with Paul Sienkiewcz. With everything on the line, Lujan had the better light and held on to win the race running 8.62 at 162 mph to beat Sienkiewcz, who slowed from his normal pace.
“Crossing the line, I was super happy, actually, even going past first round I was happy, I guess it was beginner’s luck,” she said in her humble voice.”
It was an impressive pair of wins, especially considering this was the first time since 2017 that the LX Mustang has been on track. “It’s a completely new setup,” Lujan said, “it’s a small-block 347 with a YSi Vortech and TFS heads and intake. And we tune it with a Fuel Tech ECU. It also has a Flowtech custom cam, a complete UPR suspension, Powerglide transmission, AFCO shocks and a Lethal Performance fuel system.” Her pony weights 3,150 lbs. and also sports an 8.8 rear, Baer brakes, Mickey Thompson tires and weld wheels. Amazingly, it only has 20 passes on the combination, with 15 of them coming in Bowling Green.
Like Circle D Specialties True Street the All Female True Steet is made up of multiple winners so it’s a great place for anyone to come out and participate. All it takes is a safe street-legal Ford.

Kimberly Walker of Bucyrus, Ohio was able to put pressure on Lujan with a 9.200 average behind the wheel of her manually shifted 1966 Mustang to take runner-up honors. Meanwhile, Deneen Seguira made the trip from Ft. Myers, Fla., pay off with a win in the 9.00 class. Seguira wheeled her 1988 Mustang to an average of 9.998 to take the victory. 
Brandi Phoenix, Indianapolis, Ind., was the leader in the 10.00 class thanks to a three-run average of 10.951 seconds in her 2015 Mustang. Phoenix ran an 11.000 on her first run, but steadily got quicker as she pursued the 10.00 title. 

In the 11.00 class, Jill McKenna of Avon, Ind., a pioneer in the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League and the wife of Super Stang champ, Kevin McKenna, made three very consistent runs to lock up the 11.00 class. McKenna finished with an 11.073-second average in her 2014 Mustang. McKenna also sells Fords by day at Ray Skillman Ford in Greenwood, In.
Shelly Schwemley of Bloomville, Ohio cashed in the 12.00 class after delivering a three-run average of 12.068 in her 1965 Mustang. Schwemley kicked off eliminations with an 11.505 run, but was able to make the necessary adjustments on the next two passes to hit the 12.00 target.

Lauren Stoney of Johns Island, S.C. shifted her way to the 13.00 title with a brilliant 13.009 average in her manual transmission equipped 1992 Mustang LX to hold off Abby Hughes, who was close behind with a 13.045-second average. 
The 14.00 title went to MaryAnn Mammen of Ft. Myers, Fla., who put together a 14.035 average behind the wheel of her 2004 Mustang to collect the title. Mammen took the scenic route with runs of 14.526, 13.564, and a 14.014 to achieve the desired average.
Finally, Amanda Johnson of Reinzi, Miss., collected the 15.00 title following a 15.421 second average in her 2020 F-150 truck. Each of the Tremec All-Female True Street champions received cash prizes, a trophy, and a special edition jacket from Tremec.

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