Camshaft Types Explained
Camshafts, and the shape of the lobes on them, can play a dramatic effect on how a vehicle performs at different engine speeds. Understanding how they work—and the different types available—will help you to maximize your four-stroke engine’s performance. 
Looking For Speed—A selection of essential performance upgrades for your LS engine project
Undoubtedly one of the most popular performance engines on the planet, General Motors’ LS series of small-block engines became a go-to swap engine for a wide range of vehicles.
Managing Heat in a 7-Second Street Car—We raid the DEI catalog to keep under-hood temps under control for True Street & Beyond
We all know heat can be an enemy on both the drag strip and on the street, especially when you are rolling down the road in a street car that competes in NMRA/NMCA True Street and Drag & Drive events.
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