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Jesse Lamb Follows his Father Jacob into NMRA Coyote Stock

Posted By: Ainsley Jacobs
Longtime NMRA Coyote Stock competitor and 2017 season champion Jacob Lamb has added a second car to his Kentucky-based operation and it’s going to be piloted by his 24-year-old son, Jesse.
Although Jesse has never driven a wild, wheel-standing monster like the Coyote Stock category so commonly sees, he’s already well accustomed to blasting down the dragstrip as he regularly races his all-wheel-drive Ford Taurus – a car he’s even campaigned in NMRA Circle D Specialties True Street already. “Jesse had a Fox body Mustang with a stick shift when he was 16 so this won’t be his first Mustang rodeo, at least,” laughed Jacob, 54.
For years, Jacob had been hoping to purchase Kevin Scott’s former NMRA Real Street four-eyed Fox. Finally, towards the back half of 2022, Kevin was ready to part with the car he had owned since 1998 and Jacob eagerly snapped it up.

“Kevin had raced it once or twice with a Gen 2 Coyote engine,” Jacob noted of the purchase, which included a swap to a newer Gen 3 5.0-liter powerplant prior to the transaction taking place as well as a G-Force G101-A four-speed manual transmission with a Ram clutch. “Kevin hadn’t even started it up yet. We made the deal on a Tuesday and I picked it up on Saturday, and he had taken a day off of work to finish wiring it so it was complete and ready when I picked it up.”
When Kevin handed over the car, he also included the engine break-in oil, five gallons of VP C10 fuel, a battery charger, and all the other miscellaneous items he had accumulated over the years. Wasting no time, Jacob brought it home, added the fluids, and fired up the Fox while it was still on the trailer.
“I’ve done some upgrades since then… changed the rear end housing and the axles and center section and brakes,” noted the new owner. As Jacob went through the car to adjust it more to his personal preferences, he also added Team Z lower adjustable torque boxes and Menscer Motorsports shocks. He was happy to see, though, that the Mustang also still had working windshield wipers, turn signals, horn, AM/FM radio, door chime, dome light, and a functional trunk light as well as factory front and back seats. “If it had a heater, it would be a great street car.”
Originally, Jacob had purchased the white car to run in local events near his hometown of Lawrenceburg so he could go racing without having to make adjustments to his red car’s Coyote Stock setup. “Well, Jesse wanted to race, so I decided to leave it in Coyote Stock trim and let him race it in Bowling Green,” Jacob shared.

In late June of 2023, Jacob was attending the Ford Takeover event at Jackson Dragway in Tennessee with friend and fellow Coyote Stock racer, Matt Fint. Jacob generously let Fint put the inaugural passes on the white Fox – even before he had driven it himself – while he raced his regular red ride.
“We tested on Friday night, made some adjustments, and right off the trailer the next morning, Matt won the first round,” said Jacob, proud of his buddy’s skills. The car clicked off a string of consistent 6.39-second passes in the eighth mile with plenty still left in it. “It even still had the break-in oil in it and stock plugs!”
Brian McFarland finished up some wiring odds and ends for Jacob and got his datalogger working, so hopefully he’ll get to be the lucky one to enjoy his new toy soon because the plan is to get Jesse behind the wheel as soon as possible for testing and licensing at Ohio Valley Dragway in Kentucky.
Assuming Jesse’s initiation process goes well, the newly-minted father-and-son NMRA Coyote Stock team will make its debut at the 25th Annual Whipple Superchargers NMRA World Finals Presented by Scott's Trailer Sales Featuring the Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival at Kentucky’s Beech Bend Raceway Park on September 28-October 1, 2023.
Regardless of how the event shakes out, it’s unlikely at the moment that Jesse will run a full schedule in 2024 due to financial and time constraints – but that could certainly change in the future. Two things are certain, though: Jacob will continue to race consistently as usual and he’s incredibly proud of Jesse.

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